SUPERHERO COOKIE CUTTERS 4 Pieces for Extra Fun Baking – Includes Superman Batman mold

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MAKE BAKING SUPERHERO FUN! Our cookie cutter molds are great fun for every kid and adult superhero fan. Create cookies and mini-sandwiches that are a homage to your favorite hero characters.
COMPLETELY SAFE! The cookie molds are made from 100% food safe plastic. Thanks to the high quality and quirky design, these cookie molds will help you make many batches of amazing superhero cookies.
FOUR DIFFERENT SHAPES! Each order includes a two Batsign and two Superman sign shaped mold. Perfect to use for cutting shaped cheeze, Ham, Balogna.
PERFECT GIFT IDEA! This set is the ideal gift for any friend that loves comic heroes and baking. Great for superhero themed parties for all ages. Your baked goods will bring cheer and be the talk of the evening.

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Fun High Quality Superhero Cookie Cutters Want to surprise your superhero fan friend with some amazing themed sweets? Looking to add some quality hero cookie cutters to your fun collection? If so, we have the perfect product for you: Our 4-piece Superhero Cookie Cutters. Great Fun for the Whole Family Give your baked goods a cool and quirky look with these amazing superhero molds. Create Superman and Batman themed sanwiches, shapped cheese and ham and of course cookies. Every superhero fan will love these. High Quality and Completely Safe Our molds are made from 100% safe and food grade plastic. Thanks to their sturdy material and great design, these molds will last you for years. Each set contains 4 molds. Great Gift Idea for Fans Got a friend that loves superheroes? Maybe you want to throw your kid an amazing superhero themed party? Our 4-piece superhero cookie cutter set is an ideal gift for adult and young fans alike. Also, the molds make great party favor gifts. Your Satisfaction is Guaranteed Customer satisfaction is our highest priority. Take Advantage of Our Special Offer NOW and Enjoy Super-Fun Superhero Baked Goods! Tips for cutting dough with cookie cutters Don’t use baking soda. It will prevent your dough from raising and ruining the shape. Use less butter than it says in recipe. It will keep your dough from spreading too much in the oven. Chill cookie dough. Once you’ve cut your shapes out, chill them again for about an hour before you bake them. Chilling the cookies as well as using less butter helps prevent spreading. Don’t roll the dough too thin. Dip your cookie cutters in flour with each cut. If the cookie cutters get really sticky, wipe them off with a damp paper towel. Use the back end of a spoon to tap dough out from any angles and corners on small or intricate cutters. Most important – have fun crafting!